Making a digital safety plan

If you want your child to avoid risky online sexual behaviour and use the internet safely, a digital safety plan can help. Your child needs to feel that it is theirs, but you should develop it together.

What works will depend on things like:

Download our digital safety plan.

Simple things that you and your child could try

Warning signs in children and adults

It is very difficult to think that a child is being abused. If you are concerned about the way that a young person or adult is acting, read through our guide to understand how to respond.

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What to do if your child gets into trouble online

Children are able to access more dangerous content than ever online. If your child gets into trouble online, it is imporant to know how to react and support them.

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Harmful sexual behaviour among young people

It is vital that adults and carers understand what harmful sexual behaviour looks like in young people and how to respond if you are concerned about a child or young person's actions.

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What to do if a child tells about abuse

Children frequently do not tell about abuse, but it they disclose this kind of information it is vital to respond sensitively and appropriately. Our guide aims to offer support to parents and carers to know how to act.

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