The effects of child sexual abuse can be disturbing and damaging, especially when the person who has abused a child is someone who is known to and trusted by the child. The impact of the abuse can vary hugely from case to case and it is important for parents and carers to understand that the impact can affect all aspects of their lives for a lifetime.

This short video gives information on the effects of child sexual abuse. You can find more advice and support in the links below. 

The Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children

All abuse is wrong. But it can be especially disturbing and damaging when the person who has abused a child is someone who is trusted to protect and nurture the child who they go on to abuse.

Sexual abuse can cause deep and lasting harm to children. Not just to their emotional, physical and sexual development, but also to their trust in adults, especially if the person who abused them is someone they love; someone who should have protected them.

The impact of sexual abuse varies from child to child. The resilience and bravery of children in the face of abuse is remarkable; but for many the damage is enormous, with the impact affecting all aspects of their lives, for years if not a lifetime.

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If you're worried about how an adult or young person you know behaves around children, you can get confidential support from the Stop It Now! helpline: 0808 1000 900. If you’re not ready to speak to someone yet, you can use our live chat or send a secure message.

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