We have developed an online child sexual abuse and exploitation awareness learning programme to help you:

  • Understand potential risks
  • Recognise the signs of possible abuse in children
  • Be aware of inappropriate behaviour in adults
  • Know where to go for help if you have concerns and would like to talk about them

The Programme aims to:

  • Provide the information you need about child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation
  • Show you how to create a Family Safety plan
  • Tell you who you can talk to if you are worried

You can contact the Stop it Now! Helpline or e-mail service if you have any questions at any point, as you work through the Programme.

The Parents Protect! Child Sexual Abuse Video Learning Programme

This video is just over 29 minutes long and will give you a good understanding of some of the key issues around child sexual abuse: what it is, why it happens and how it can be prevented.
This child sexual abuse awareness video enables you to work through a number of issues and topics at your own pace. 

It is vital viewing for all protective adults who want to do the best they can to protect children.

One parent said: "The learning programme was very clear, not scaremongering but giving enough information to enable parents to equip their children and themselves simply to reduce risks generally. It's positive, not scaring children with talk of offenders or strangers!"


We want to find out if people are finding this video useful and/or feel better able to protect their children after watching it. Please answer these questions anonymously for us:

How useful did you find the learning programme?

Not at all useful
Not very useful
Neutral/Not sure
Quite useful
Very useful

In what ways do you feel you are better able to protect your children? (tick all that apply)

Better able to recognise warning signs and risk that before
Feel more confident talking to my children about these issues
Feel more confident talking to other adults in my child's life about these issues
I know who to contact for help and advice
I am more aware, but I am more concerned about the risks

Do you feel better able to protect your children from sexual abuse?

Don't know

What do you think we could do to improve our Learning Programme?

Our resources are free to download to help adults, parents and carers protect children from harm. As a charity we welcome support from individuals. If you are interested in making a donation to help support our work, please visit this link.

If you would like to learn more about how you can protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation, visit these Useful Links.