How can we prevent child sexual abuse?

Create a family safety plan to protect children

If you are concerned about keeping your child safe from sexual abuse, consider creating a family safety plan designed to create a safer environment and a support network for everyone in your family. Children and young people are safer when parents and caregivers take the time to learn about sexual abuse and warning signs.

When creating a family safety plan it is important to know what we mean by a risk factor and what risk factors might look like. A risk factor - is something that puts someone at risk of sexually abusing a child. It could be a physical factor e.g. being in close proximity to a child; a situational risk factor e.g. lack of parental oversight. However alongside being aware of risk factors other protective factors - the things a family can do to keep the family safer are important to be aware of and consider. Protective factors can include good communication within the family; supportive relationships; appropriate rules and boundaries. Such protective factors are the building blocks of your family and provide a good foundation for developing an effective family safety plan. You can download a booklet to help you with creating a family safety plan below.

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Create a family safety plan to keep children safe.
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Parents and caregivers who make a commitment to speak up as soon as they have a concern, instead of waiting for certain evidence of harm, play an even more crucial role in a child's safety. Here are some things that you and your family can do to protect children from sexual abuse:

Know the signs
Open lines of communication
Educate everyone in the family
Set clear family boundaries
Get safe adults involved
Take sensible precautions with who has access to your children
Know your local resources and how to access them
Seek help and advice - you are not alone